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Sticky: Hadron: The Quark Alumni Forums!
By Jimmy at 08/26/2013 - 18:22

Hadron: The Quark Alumni Forums!


Getting close to graduating from BYU, heading off to life, fortune and fame (or grad school...), and don't want to miss out on all the great community there is at Quark? Don't want to clutter up all the cool new kids organizing events at BYU that you can't attend anymore? Want a place where you can talk about things and how they've changed in your phase of life? 

Come over to Hadron (http://hadron.neromir.net)! It's a website set up for alumni of Quark to continue to stay in touch, discuss Sci-Fi and Fantasy stuff, as well as other things that become more important after you leave college. We'd love to have you come join us whether you're leaving BYU because you graduated, or simply are taking a break from college. Feel free to sign up before you actually finish up at BYU to start getting settled in, and you'll be able to spend some time on Hadron and some time on Quark. Anybody who has been a member of Quark is welcome!

Splash Screen!
By thread_speaker at 09/10/2014 - 01:51

Welcome to Quark!

Welcome newcomers, veterans, and somewhere-in-betweeners to a new school year at BYU and a new year of fun for Quark! Chances are you might've heard of the anime club, the bronies group, the Doctor Who club, VGAME, and other on-campus geek communities, so what makes Quark different? First of all, we’re one of the biggest and oldest clubs at BYU. We’re a club of tradition, but also innovation. Number two, we’ve expanded from our sci-fi and fantasy roots to embrace all great nerdy things.  Throughout the year we offer an endless plethora of fun awesome things to do. Whether you want to compete in our Super Smash Bros. tournament *Y Smash League* or would rather draw Hulk SMASHing in your sketchbook, it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll make friends at the events you attend. Additionally, we have this VERY ACTIVE forum so we can keep talking long after campus security makes us abscond.

Is this your first time here?


Read the forum rules so you know what you're about.


Say hi on the introductions thread so we get to know you (we get updates when someone posts!).


Join the Facebook group to get updates in your news feed about events. PLEASE make sure that I (Aaron Monson) can confirm on your PUBLIC profile that you are a BYU student, or I can’t add you to the group! PM me if I haven't added you yet. My forum name is thread_speaker


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